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British Columbia family practice manual.
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Vancouver, BC.
Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.
Publication Date:
4th edition
Physical Description:
2 volumes (loose-leaf) : forms + 1 CD-ROM.
1 online resource
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Updated annually
Table of Contents:

Overview—Family Law Act
  1. Conducting a Family Law Practice
  2. Building Effective Relationships
  3. Assessing the Legal Issues in a Family Law File
  4. Gathering Information in a Family Law File
  5. Working Toward Settlement
  6. Recording a Settlement in a Family Law File
  7. Commencing Proceedings
  8. Using Conferences Effectively in a Family Law Case
  9. Obtaining Court-ordered Interim Relief
  10. Obtaining Discovery in a Family Law Case
  11. Using Alternatives to Trial in a Family Law Case
  12. Conducting a Family Law Trial in Supreme Court
  13. Obtaining Court-ordered Costs in a Family Law Case
  14. Practising in Provincial Court
  15. Drafting Orders
  16. Varying Orders and Challenging Family Agreements in Supreme Court
  17. Enforcing Orders and Agreements
  18. Conducting Appeals of Supreme Court Judges and Masters Orders in a Family Law Case
  19. Child Protection
  20. Adoption
  21. Naming
  22. Aboriginal Family Law Issues
  1. Family Practice Interview
  2. Family Law Agreement Procedure
  3. Separation Agreement Drafting
  4. Marriage Agreement Drafting
  5. Family Law Proceeding
  6. Child, Family and Community Service Act Procedure
Forms and Precedents
  I. Building Effective Relationships
  II. Assessing the Legal Issues
  III. Gathering Information
  IV. Working Toward Settlement
  V. Recording a Settlement
  VI. Commencing Proceedings
  VII. Using Conferences Effectively
  VIII. Obtaining Court-ordered Interim Relief
  IX. Obtaining Discovery
  X. Using Alternatives to Trial
  XI. Conducting a Trial
  XII. Obtaining Court-ordered Costs
  XIII. Practising in Provincial Court
  XIV. Drafting Orders
  XV. Varying Orders and Challenging Agreements
  XVI. Enforcing Orders and Agreements
  XVII. Conducting Appeals
  XVIII. Child Protection
  XIX. Adoption
  XX. Naming
Limitation Periods
  -Adoption Act
  -Canada Pension Plan
  -Child, Family and Community Service Act
  -Court of Appeal Act
  -Divorce Act
  -Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
  -Family Law Act
  -Land (Spouse Protection) Act
  -Land Title Act
  -Marriage Act
Practice Directions
  I. Family Law Practice Directions
  II. Civil Practice Directions
  III. Administrative Notices
Case Table
Table of Statutes and Related Materials


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